Crypto currencies to short

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  1. lojze


    Which exchanges allow shorting?
  2. Jakobsberg


    Be glad its difficult to short them. They have gone up thousands of percent with huge volatility. You looking for pain ?

    If you really want pain. If arranged with broker you can short the Nasdaq OMX BTC and Ether funds but need high deposit.
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  3. lojze


    Charts were promising for shorting today ...
  4. Jakobsberg


    Yes but maybe expected when hits big round number. Tree shake to get rid of weak hands.

    IG Trading account is also easy way to short.
  5. fan27


    This guy knows pain. Talk to him.

  6. When the CME BTC futures contract goes live it will be easy to short.
  7. Lots of them allow shorting. Try Bitmex for high margin.
    Or Bitfinex, Poloniex.
  8. CarlosR


    Thanks for share I didn't know that was possible shorting in Crypto
  9. maxinger


    I expect BTC futures movement to be extremely violent and jerky.
    So better be prepared before CME opens for BTC trading.

    The way I see, if you can't profit from trading
    HangSeng index,
    Heating oil,
    RB Gasoline,
    or anything as violent and jerky as these,
    you probably can't profit from trading BTC futures.

    alternatively you might use very huge stop but then your reward / risk ratio might not be healthy
  10. philpsw


    hello friends, these are some cryptocurrencies that in my opinion are excellent for short term investment.
    bitcoin, ethereum and trader.
    do you agree?
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