crybaby israel tells un to screw off

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  1. lol 1 crappy little 6 million person country thumbs it's nose at the world and says screw you the only cease fire is when we say so and our terms. the world attacks iraq for nothing and can't get this piss ant country who's committed huge war crimes and aggression to pullback. but hell no iraq attacks kuiwait and we go wild . THIS IS WHY TERROR WILL CONTINUE AS THE WORLDS BEING ONE SIDED. 90% of the world is angry at the the unbalanced favoritism going on for 40 years.
  2. Israeli army gets green light to advance towards the Litani in line with Wednesday’s inner cabinet decision

    August 11, 2006, 7:04 PM (GMT+02:00)

    Execution of the decision was formally delayed for 48 hours to give diplomats at the UN Security Council a chance to come up with a draft resolution that would halt the hostilities on terms acceptable to Israel. However, Israel troops began advancing on several fronts as Hizballah’s multiple rocket assault on Israel continued to ravage northern Israel.

    Hizballah Friday forced the Lebanese government to veto an expanded international force authorized under UN Charter Chapter 7 to use force. Therefore, one of Israel’s key demands for an effective multinational force to support the Lebanese army in disarming Hizballah and pushing it out of the south was not contained in the new draft that is due to be voted on at the United Nations Security Council Friday night. Neither was the case of the kidnapped Israeli soldiers. Both were key elements of the original US-France draft but were dropped under pressure from the Lebanese government aka Hizballah backed by the Arab League and France
  3. Why the hell doesn't US turn off the spigot of aid to Israel and stop selling/donating them arms and armaments?
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    Because then once Israel is gone they are going to start on the US and wipe the US off the map. Remember Sept 11?

  5. Not a problem MadHatter, that "crappy little country" has tactical nuclear weapons. If push comes to shove, they will incinerate those Iranian bastards with our blessing. I will gladly ride my bike to the market knowing that most of those terrorist bastards have converted to glowing plasma.

    By the way, I will bet that we could reduce the amount of folks willing to become terrorists if we just made it public that upon capture they would be executed, sewn into the carcass of a dead pig, and then buried that way.

    I think we ought to give that a try with the 25 or so who were captured recently in the UK



    sounds like a start, but i think your being extremely generous to the cockroaches
  7. Some good ideas there ... I like that.
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    That was the approach with some people in the past in the Philippines: they would be executed with bullets dipped in pig's fat. In such case they would not go to heaven with the 72 virgins. Stopped it very quickly.

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    Well, ok, ok, if everybody is going to get mad and do terror stuff we will stop playing that game, go inside and have some nice punch and cookies.
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    Why did the UN make a deal in Lebanon to disarm everybody and then let Hizbullah arm itself to the teeth?
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