Crushing your dreams about trading

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by qlai, Aug 8, 2021.

  1. virtusa


    Or people who want to join the High Mile Club without spending a lot of money. :D
    #11     Aug 9, 2021
  2. newwurldmn


    I doubt that a cardboard set with fake lighting is a panty dropper.
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  3. Hello virtusa,
    I know Matt, he is a profitable trader that shows proof.
    #13     Aug 9, 2021
  4. mab81


    Yes, so true! But you cannot give up on dreams, you need to keep working.
    #14     Aug 10, 2021
  5. virtusa


    What he is telling and teaching seems very basic and has nothing to do with "valuable advice" to become a consistent and profitable trader. What is saw is just basic stuff you find anywhere on internet for free.

    PS: What is "profitable"? 1$ ,100$, 10,000$ or 1 million profit a year? Theoretically you are profitable if you don't lose money. Just stay above the zero line.
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  6. Hello virtusa,

    You are correct.
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  7. Couldn't agree more on this bro!
    #17     Aug 13, 2021
  8. My dreams were shattered in my first live account, invested more than I could afford and lost it all after riding some highs
    #18     Aug 13, 2021
  9. deaddog


    Profitable is staying above the zero line after all expenses.

    Successful on the other hand requires a little more context.

    I define successful as achieving a measurable goal.
    #19     Aug 13, 2021
  10. you cannot come to trading with thoughts of easy and quick earnings, this does not happen anywhere, you need to be tuned in to hard work and high-quality training
    #20     Aug 17, 2021