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    No one responded last time I posted about this one..but some amazing trading going on. BIDS just eating up EVERYTHING or buying huge blocks at the ASK. Really wacky to watch.

    It's a great buy I think as the charts are beautiful recently and the buying activity leads me to believe someone somewhere knows something.:D
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    Also...the stock often moves up when the BIDS aren't buying at the ASK but just push the ask up out of the way...really strange behavior.

    A lot of dumping at the BID, then the BID and ASK both move up simultaneously...very curious.
  3. It's traded in a .12 cent range the whole day. Maybe that's "amazing trading" for a rebate monkey, but not even worth looking at for traders.
  4. CRUS is delinquent in its regulatory filings. Its gonna go DOWN
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    You dwarves aren't watching the stock apparently. Look at the chart....oh nevermind...if you even looked at the chart and didn't find anything interesting you're lost.

    If you watched the action and didn't see anything interesting you're lost.

    Go trade a channel...leave the real money making to people who aren't looking for $.20 channels!
  6. I hope you make money of it. I realy do
  7. I'm sure alot of the "real money making" rebate monkeys blew out today in SIRI. That's what happens when you try to rebate for pennies instead of actually learning how to decent move and you're crushed.

    Good luck in CRUS.
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    Thanks...sorry for your loss in GROW.
  9. Dont be sorry bro,,,,,,,, i guess im just gonna have to eat it
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    Been there. Mostly in the penny markets when I was a novice...luckily I did well and got out of there...still happens here on occasion.

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