cruise missile direct hit on romney

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  1. Damn,that is a great ad.Might be Obamas best
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    You need a tissue? So you can wipe those tears of joy and adulation off your pink cheeks?
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  4. If anything, this would only make me support more for Romney. So that he can save us from the current food stamp economy.

    Romney is the candidate capable of restoring the American Exceptionalism. Freebie-seekers are of course not for him. He wants people who are willing to roll up their sleeves and work hard to get this great nation back on its feet.
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    Me too
    I agree
  6. Other races are starting to fall apart for the GOP as well. I haven't seen much comment on this, but as Romney collapses, the effects are going to be felt down the line in a lot of races.

    9/26	Arizona	        Leans GOP 	         »»» 	Toss Up	         48*	9	43
    9/20	Nevada	        Leans GOP 	         »»» 	Toss Up	         48*	8	44
    9/19	Wisconsin	Leans GOP 	         »»» 	Toss Up	         48*	7	45
    9/15	Ohio	        Toss Up 	         »»» 	Leans Dem	 48*	6	46
    9/9	Michigan	Toss Up 	         »»» 	Leans Dem	 47*	7	46
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    You're dreaming. He "wants" workers off the payroll, if possible, so he can report better earnings to his shareholders.
  8. Lucrum, better save your tissue for the weeping you will be doing on Election night.
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    I'm not much on crying. And I've said repeatedly I will not be shocked if the sheeple of this country reelect Odumbo. Only that I'll be disappointed at the negative ramifications it has for our once great nation.
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