Cruelty to Animals Gets More Media Coverage than Beheaded Christians

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    Especially if its a Christian/Jew killing lion;
    or sheep /private property destroying wolves.One preacher said state of AK put a bounty on wolves , even though feds love those those sheep killing wolves. That nite, as the wolves began to SNARL , next to the thin tent they said ''we are rich''[Because we know how to shoot varmints................................................................................................................LOL=LOL]
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    There are all kinds of horrible things going on in war zones all around the world, plenty of atrocities of that type even in Nigeria not involving anything more than evil in its many forms. Turns out world peace is really damn hard, so hard that it's used as a metaphor for any intractable problem. Protecting animals, not so hard. A little pressure and countries will pass laws to stop throwing pigs off towers or allowing endangered species to be killed. The article completely misses the fact that every example they cite is an example of a success where attention given to a species resulted in successful protection of that species.

    Civil war in Nigeria on the other hand, what do you think some bad press will lead to Nigeria passing a law to outlaw Christian beheading and all will be well? Do you think the folks doing the beheadings respond to western media pressure (if anything they relish the attention and it would drive them to do more!). Do you think the Nigerian government doesn't care about their civil war and isn't doing anything to stop it? Do you think we should send U.S. troops in to this very messy civil war? What's your solution?

    And why don't you care equally about all the women who have been raped there...orders of magnitudes more than your precious Christians. Or all the non-Christians who have been killed there, again orders of magnitude more? See once you go down the "why aren't you paying attention to this atrocity" road you'll find that your atrocity is only number 247 on the list of atrocities happening at any given time in a war zone somewhere and your persecution complex is exactly that.
  5. The animals are innocent...
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    You miss the point. Everything you say should be broadcast on the evening news, MSM and Fox alike, so we understand the horrors going on in this world. Instead we listen to carefully crafted political opinions, the latest dog show winner, maybe someone who had their feelings hurt, adnausium.

    I agree there are other people groups besides Christians who are also suffering...... let the world know.
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    And then the news would be 24 hours of atrocities and horrible shit going on and they'd still miss some group being wronged. Like I said, world peace and world hunger are synonymous with intractable problems. Been problems since the beginning of time. Lot's of us care a lot and are doing what we can to work toward solutions, but reminding us of what's happening every day isn't going to help that happen any faster really.
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    “Lot’s of us” in reality are very few. The vast majority of people, and I’m narrowing my focus to Americans living in the US for this discussion , are so apathetic to what’s happening in the world it’s sickening. Most care only about what affects them and their daily comfort.

    When famine strikes, it affects everyone in the area. Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Atheist alike. When a tornado or hurricane strikes it’s doesn’t ask the religion or social status of the home it destroys. All are horrible and we should reach out and help those in need, life sometimes blindly deals us hardships.

    When someone kills another because of their beliefs, their faith, their skin color....... then man’s evil heart and nature are on display for the world to see, it should not be tolerated and should be loudly rebuked.
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    Didn’t you vote for trump because he claimed “America First”