Crude: Worst case scenerio: $85

Discussion in 'Trading' started by dividend, Nov 12, 2007.

  1. Anyone catch the lady on CNBC saying "worst case" price for crude oil is $85 ? It just confirms which side they're all on. When it comes to the pundits, they are all long commodities. Funny, when crude was hitting $40 they said worst case scenerio is $50 and economy was going to tank.
  2. You mean rebound to $85?
  3. Cutten


    Worst case price for crude is more like $65-70.
  4. Crude will keep rising

    150 easily next year
  5. Now a major pundit is saying we will never see below $100 oil again.

    So they went from $100 worst case scenerio to never below $100 again in a matter of a few months.