crude.. wft?

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    so its late, and i'm sitting looking at charts, reading, whatever. earlier tonight i entered into a crude spread trade just for giggles. still just cruisin, checking positions every min or so. then i come back and crude made a crazy jump. now its going all over the place, and the spread is 10c.

    whats going on?

  2. for all the damage the Bush-II administration has done with their tacit support for crude oil rising,

    and we now are supposed to feel sorry for its collapse?

    it could collapse back to $25 bbl/US, where it is supposed to trade for all anyone cares...
  3. A $2 move isn't exactly a 6 sigma event in crude.
  4. I read some of the comments six months, eight months, twelve months ago,

    regarding families shop lifting at the grocery stores because they could no longer purchase sufficiency for themselves based on their earnings,

    now those news stories are more common place on CNN, CNNHN, CNBC and such.

    oops, not CNBC, they whitewash the news something horrid.... my mistake


    we heard about the resiliency of the US public in handling high and higher and higher still, fuel prices, as if there were something to be admired...

    we heard about Elaine Chow, US Labor Secretary trying to make a positive spin on over 1 million job losses in the last quarter, after quarter, not to count all the secondary and tertiary job losses from the lunch counters, delivery boys, cabbies, restaurants and other service industries that feed off the established job base....

    we heard about the need to trickle down, just give the wealthy more taxes back, and borrow trillions to do it.....and things would take care of themselves....


    mission accomplished


    4 more years