crude to join in on crash next week

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by silk, Mar 2, 2007.

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    -gasoline finally stopped going up friday.

    -gold crash sucking life out of crude rally

    -crude sideways for 5 days around 61.75 after 24% rally

    -subprime and economy melting down further

    -XOM 4 month lows

    -entering shoulder season

    -economic jitters

    -other financial markets will likely stabilize next week leaving shorts looking for the next market to pound down.
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    Would be nice if something positive came from the market turmoil in the form of low crude prices.
  3. silk


    joining in we are so far.
  4. So far we are,
    were just at the bar.

    Suspicious move, in the overall groove.

    Correlations out, up to this rout.........

    Crude oil strength, any want to flout?

    I doubt, the strength of it you'd want to shout,
    for the clout about the crude oil doubt,

    I for one, wouldnt want to say anything about.

    Also, the cat-in -the hat just had a 40th birthday or something, yay!!!!


    Nice rhyming....very clever.

    But in the attachment the values on the y-axis seem to be off by a few bucks--shows the recent rally to just shy of 65 bucks and the selloff in Jan to over 52.50...both of which are higher than actuals. Just fyi for those looking at the chart.
  6. Oil is taking a hit today sub $60/bbl
  7. silk


    $4 dollars so far since the stock market meltdown began.