Crude to $89

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  1. Occasionally a stock's price level/movement seems to, interact ? with the fibonacci number series 3 5 8 13 21 34 55 89; seems both Gold and Crude Oil coincidentally or otherwise dance with the fibos.

    Crude Oil waves topped at the 34 and 55 areas . . . 89 to come ?

    chart: AG's EW labeling, Gann Box, BC.
  2. If your chart is correct its the end of civilisation as we know it!
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  4. tomcole


    :D Looks like an early Pac man screen to me
  5. Just an update with some Bar Counts.
  6. Now i see why most people think TA is a bunch of bullshit... lol
  7. Can't be right. Not enough lines! Need to add a few more. Ba-da-boom. :D
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    You need to use nature for greater accuracy


    ...hmmm... me thinks tis an anvil...
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  8. Hi! I think Crude will reach 55 at least. It was a major resistance in monthly at 70.85.

  9. Hey Wallace....

    I'm missing a roll of chicken wire...............

    or that's a diagram of a 20 car pile-up
  10. AG's EW labeling has another w3 target at $130 and a 5 at $155
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