Crude spiked to $68 briefly AH

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  1. The spike in Crude on Rumors shows that the Market is Nervous.

    If we can spike 5 handels on a rumor, what do the think the INDU and NAZ will do if "IRAN" makes the wrong move.

    Also, the US Congress has showen half its support for the "Terrorist". 50-48 on troop withdraw. This is a sign to the "Terrorist" and IRAN that the US is weak.

    The "ART OF WAR" by Sun Tzu is a popular book read by many and if IRAN and the "Terrorist" also favor such a read, we have made wrong move on the world board of chess and now it is Checkmate.

    Even if when BUSH veto's the vote, the "Weakness" has been discovered.
  2. Yeah right, a couple of idiots got raped by trading in the thin after hours trading and got filled at 68 by some greedy market makers right before it came back to the median price. Don't make this more than it is.
  3. Building a wall of worry for the bulls?
  4. RICE ROCKET, sure that is what happen HUH? A bad Print? Some one pushed the wrong button called buy huh? Nothing more, ummm.

    And people think day trading is over,

  5. And the "Russian" news release about why they think the "US BUILD UP AND WAR GAMES" off the cost is more than just show. The market should not be concered about this event right?

    And the fact that a new Naval Task Force is heading over to the GULF is nothing either, the third or forth.

    Also, the Fact that the Brittish Saliors are not back in the UK, in a timely manor such as what happen the "last" time Iran took UK soliders hostage.

    Oh yea and the fact that the Market has been looking a little, Skiddish the last two days is nothing either...


  6. How many people do you think are making markets at what, 7 pm EST?
  7. I think crude longs will run for the exit once the hostage crisis is resolved.
  8. A bit like Hitler testing the weakness of the League of Nations in the 30s?
  9. Bush violated the principle of Art of War grossly when he rushes into Iraq because Sun Tze say 'the war is best won without fighting'.
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