Crude ready to rally again?

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  1. Just noticed this morning, that the recent decline in crude held the 50dma yesterday on 6 month charts, but not the dailys, probably resistance now. Someone mentioned a bullish candlestick at the bottom. And, it's been creeping up over night.

    See attachment below:
  2. attachment I hope :)
  3. We should have some short-covering ahead of the weekend. Esp considering the ever present threat of a storm system developing over the weekend.

    Besides, historically crude peaks near the end of Sep so seasonal tendencies make the short side quite risky this time of year.
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    Anyone having problem with getting updates on qg/qm etc??? Last price here was at 930est, now 1013est
  5. 9-11 anniversary on Sunday, and we all know how psycho-terrorists love an anniversary. One more reason to expect short covering ahead of the weekend.
  6. Makes perfect sense
  7. A bit too perfect perhaps! :eek:
  8. Well Crude made it up to $65.50 first thing, and there was short covering late.

    So it reached short term resistance and turned over.

    $60 - $61 next?
  9. Having documented why IMO oil is a spec bubble, I agree with BHS that seasonality suggests a strong Sept.

    Still, I think the Katrina situation was the catalyst to form a "blow off" tops in energy markets (oil, NG, HO etc), which IMO should hold for the intermendiate term.

    Remember that the $60+/bar oil costs ON AVERAGE $6/barrel for non-OPEC producers and $1.5/bar for OPEC producers.

    Although I doubt that OPEC will revert to its $25/bar target, now it has realised that the sky won't fall if oil costs 3x higher. Maybe a $35/bar will be the intermediate-term target, unless/until new developments cause a oil GLUT (quite possible imo).
  10. Hi!

    I'm not an Oil specialists by no means.
    Just reading the charts.

    The entire advance from $20 has risen in increments in my view (I'm so glad I keeo a diary, even if it's messy):

    $24 - $48 then down $9 - $10

    $41 - $59 then down $9 - $10

    $51 - $70 now down so far $7

    $61 - $79 then it's over!

    This looks to be a typical ABC -X - ABC advance for a commodity.

    I certainly do not want $79 oil, and either does anyone else, except maybe Exxon Mobile. Then, they can make $10 billion profit in one quarter instead of $7+ billion. Profit, amazing! They make more money in one quarter than the total market cap of most companies listed.

    Seasonality fits too! we're only $3 from a $9 correction.

    Just using this data as a guidline.

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