Crude pushing higher $100.50

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Aaron Copland, Feb 26, 2008.

  1. Seems when the stock market goes up so does crude. Wow were will it be if the economy gets stronger.

    They should have let the stock market fall and let the US go into a recession. That would have corrected these commoditys.

    My gosh we a screwed.
  2. Sorry make that $101.00
  3. Suprised?
  4. are we fighting terrorism or funding it?!

    I mean at 102$ a barrel, terrorist states are as happy as can be

    why the fuck should the islamic government in iran care about sanctions, when we are funding all their crazy world domination projects (by purchasing their oil directly and/or indirectly)

    just 10 (down to 20 or something) years ago oil was trading in the 10-20$ range

    Year      Nominal
    1986  	  $14.44
    1987 	  $17.75
    1988 	  $14.87
    1989 	  $18.33
    1990 	  $23.19
    1991 	  $20.20
    1992 	  $19.25
    1993 	  $16.75
    1994 	  $15.66
    1995 	  $16.75
    1996 	  $20.46
    1997 	  $18.64
    1998 	  $11.91
    1999 	  $16.56
  5. You got that right. Osama Bin Laden has said they can't eat oil so they really have no use for it and are always happy to sell it to us on the open market.
  6. Osama Bin Laden is only a puppy compared to crazy terrorist states like iran, who in hell knows, maybe Osama is in iran
  7. haha

    oh my fucking god, I could have never guessed oil reach 103$ in such a short period of time

    is allah fucking laughing his ass off or what
  8. Wait till these rebate checks start hitting mail boxes. We are going to make sure demand for oil will now increase.

    This free money will go straight into the average persons gas tank.