Crude Price One Week from Today

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  1. Damn do I love markets. One day people on CNBC say crude to $200. The next Donald is on saying $50 and everyone agrees with him.

    So I would like to play a little game and get everyones prediction of the crude price one week from today July 24th. Just a simple number.
  2. $120

    CNBC is full of hacks, have you watched the crap lunch show?
  3. $145 my number
  4. 152
  5. any other views?
  6. S2007S


    What happened to oil, one day near 150 the next week under $130.


    :p :p :p :p :p

    Oil may get close again to $150 and I will be shorting more until then I added a little position in DXO, sold my DUG and DTO yesterday.
  7. 136.33
  8. gotta love the price action. who cares which way it goes, just caboose it either way, new high or 120 support test.
  9. 129
  10. ...............
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