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  1. I believe in the ensuing weeks to months, crude oil will take on it's largest % move down of the current cycle.
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    I disagree, but would you care to explain your position?
  3. My opinion is this...if oil is able to break through $68, then it will most likely go to $80.

    If oil does not break through $68, then it will most likely bounce and then retreat to test the lows of this year if not further.

    So with that said, I do not see demand for oil going away. I dont believe OPEC will allow the price to slip.

    $80 before $50.
  4. with the current supply and demand situation being tighter than last year, and a whole hurricane season ahead of us, I anticipate we'll be at 68 to 70 within a few weeks.

    If it falls out of bed, it'll likely occur only if OPEC (er saudi arabia) floods the market with supply during the same season as last yr.

    Notice we haven't heard anything about Iran lately? Problem solved?

    yea right.

    Watch as hurricane season intensifies Ahmedinejad gets on the podium to say something to exacerbate things ... just at the right time. His interest is in keeping oil expensive.
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    Why can't it stay in the current range between $60 and $70?

    I scalp it for 1/2 points LONG and SHORT, but sleep better when position trading LONG for some reason!

    Have you ever traded CL Michael Scott?

    el surdo
  6. I agree. It is just hunch.
  7. Demand will out strip supply from now till the end of time, its over folks.

    The US is so damm lazy about innovation, the damm politicians are the problem, in bed with big business.

    Everything you buy now days is throw away junk from China, your lucky if it lastS a year.

    I was using an old fan the other day an emerson, heavy as lead will slice your finger right off. 60 years old and works like a charm.

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    I will have to agree with you. The products you buy from China now a days last 6 months to possibly a year, then you have to throw them away and buy new ones. It seems to be a continual process going to the store and having to buy something new because the last one you bought feel apart.

    These days there is no sense in filling out warranties on products you buy anymore since you would be filling out a warranty everyday for all the new products you have to buy.

    It seems like America is now a throw away society, and is always looking for the next gadget to purchase.

    When will we bring some of the manufacturing base to America? Probably will never come back since its hard to compete with the cheap labor overseas.

    Good article to read about all the factory jobs lost.
  9. thank god for plastic and petrochemicals.
  10. I love my 1950's Electrolux vacuum cleaner!

    I have to laugh everytime I see one of my neighbors 2 year old vac's out for trash :p
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