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  3. All who mingles with Floyd ends up face down.
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    I find it troubling that the Dow is up 460 at this point today but CL F19 is + 0.39.
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    ES up 10.00; CLF19 -0.86.

    Very bearish sentiment for crude.
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    Well, today Crude Oil finally followed the equity markets upwards. Strong Move. My guess is that five up days in a row in the S&P 500 might have convinced some traders that the damage done in the equity markets might be somewhat overdone. And that is a bit at odds considering the continued flattening of the yield curve. So - we're still a bit on the ragged edge here. I wouldn't be surprised to see equities and oil come off here a bit as we are headed towards some near term resistance.
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    Equities have come off but so far CL hasn’t followed suite - if we get further selling in equities this week (we have been rangebound) I’ll be watching to see if CL remains firmer against equities as it has been thus far today.
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    Crude oil futures down 0.5% atm.
    My call, strong rebound from here on Fri, USA time, should be good for a couple percentage minimum today and continuing up into next week.
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  9. ZH doesn't seem to understand market making.
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    crude oil now $47.

    But just 3 months ago, someone predicted oil will hit $100.
    so better trade based on what you see on the chart and stop predicting.
    $100 Oil Is A Distinct Possibility
    By Nick Cunningham - Sep 24, 2018, 6:00 PM CDT
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    An oil price spike is starting to look increasingly possible, with a rerun of 2008 not entirely out of the question, according to a new report.
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