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  1. Hi Folks

    This is my own oil trading system.This system is a free system from OILFXPRO.

    MACBOS = Moving average cross break out system

    profitable 8/30 wma cross on oil

    Stop loss 50 cents stop & reverse if stop hit

    30 m charts

    Rule entry when 8wma crosses 30 wma + breakout of 50 pips
    Example .Moving average 8 crosses moving average30 at $90.00 ,enter at +50 for longs = $90.50 and $89.50 for shorts

    close on cross and change in colour of wma's

    After close of previous position +50 cents /-50 cents …reverse the position

    WMA's must both be positive for longs and negative for shorts

    close when they cross and both turn positive or negative

    This system is profitable . Backtests and images are posted on the net.When I find the backtests I will post them

  2. Here are some back tests
  3. more back tests
  4. Forgive me, but what is the "W" stand for in wma?

    Why do you use 8 and 30?
  5. Hi

    W = weighted (lwma linear weighted movng average)

    8 and 30 on 30 min charts are good for eliminating noise .

    8= 4 hour strenghth and 30 = 15 hour market

    I am just used to them

    Some people use 5 and 20 crosses + breakout filter of 50

  6. Hi

    Here is a simple image on MACBOS currencies using 5/20 wma + indicator

  7. That is hard to read is you ask me. The lines are all the same color, not labeled and you cannot see any "cross overs" until it is way too late.

    Thanks for the answer though... here goes another silly question:

    Are all MA's weighted? I use OX and I can put in MA or EMA. What is the difference between an MA or a WMA? (I know exponential is a faster moving line)
  8. In the top box you see a breakout .The highest/fastest moving average is 5 , the middle is 20 and the slowest/lowest is 100

  9. Here is another image
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