Crude Oil Trade Recommendations

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  1. I am starting this thread to see if there is any interest of people actually making a recomendation for a trade. an easy format would be as follows but feel free to be as detailed as possible.. do not be vague..

    Trade type: intraday short term, day position, scalp, swing etc

    entry criteria and order type : i.e resist thrusted thru buy stop to open

    Exit criteria and order type : total stop 10 ticks below

    or profit trailing stop.. etc.

    then you can explain anything if you want
    THIS IS NOT THE PLACE TO RUB IN SOMEONES FACE IF THEY ARE WRONG AND IT IS NOT THE PLACE TO PUMP YOUR EGO IF YOU ARE RIGHT.. IT IS FOR RECOMENDATIONS... i Am including a copy of one that I made last night .. it was a good one, but trust me not all of mine are golden!

    04-09-08 07:26 AM

    here is my trade for oil tomorrow...

    at 8:29 am i place buy stop entry 30 pts above mkt ..

    same time place sell limit 50 points above 30 pt entry.. if my stop gets filled.. for half of the position

    set another sell limit at 90 pts above 30 pts for all but one contract.

    brk even stop (loss) order for 1 remaining position.

    Stop loss order if filled on all 5 at 20 pts.. below entry..
    risk 1000.. potential gain: 2800 + end of day close of 1 remaining long if everything works properly

    have some fun with this and maybe it will help others understand and see what good trading is all about.. or bad !

    this can be done intraday or night before

    no one here that i know of is making a commission off of this information.. so for the sake of regulations.. It is now for "paper trading and demo accounts" this information should not be used in real trading no matter what
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    there is a gap from 109.75 t0 110.25, i would be short now and have a bid at 109 even, or short the opening, hope it gaps up, but i wouldn't cover above 109
  3. thanks ammo that is great, but the last trade price was 110.88 so are you short now or do you wait until am and if am then what time do you short or price?
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    shorted earlier and put in bid at 109, machine is off for the day,give brain a rest
  5. oh well i threw this thread out just for kicks.. and ammo I appreciate you stating a trade..but once again it is soo very vague.. i shorted oil earlier or bought it earlier..
    do you have a stop? so you have an entry price? it jsut seem liek so many on this site do not wish to hold themselves accountable..being wrong is the cost of doing business in trading.. so I will ask you again to state your trade much like I did last night

    exit stop
    the time it took you to write that you are short you could have thrown in your price... anyway i appreciate you making an attempt, and i hope your trade is profitable.
  6. Oil is on fire, the entry was around, the entry for CLN was the last week of march , when it borke back down below 105. It is easyer in Hindsight, but that was the key entry.

    Next entry for me is another pull back to 105, or a little below.

    IMHO oil will be at 120 to 125 by end of May, if not near the first half.

    FYI, I hold positions in oil and Deal in Private Drilling Deals with "Industry Grade", IE: we fund a % of Industry Grade drilling deals in the US. We can't beat our Private Equity Clients into submission, they keep calling hand over fist, trying to get in projects.

    The overall Industry is looking at a Record Year and we are off to a huge quarter, once again.

    The FEDs can not curb this BULL, they can not kill demand world wide. The more the Fed Weaken's the dollar, the more Flight to Quality happens. The Feds will continue the weak dollar policy, no end in sight from what I can tell. Sure, the will stop cutting rates but the dollar will remain weak for the rest of this year IMHO.

    Congress tried to drill the "Industry" but they failed. Congress can do nothing but roll back "TAX" on gas. That is their only avenue.

    Refrs. will continue to slow their pace, as their Margins narrow and they see less upside to producing gas, all this will do is create a GAS shortage, in return will run Oil Prices even Higher.....

  7. thank you
  8. Why would you short oil? The commoditte is in a upward Trend?

    I see no signs, signals or events that will cause Oil to pull back?

    Are you actually scalping OIL futures?

  9. Remember, Im playing the CLN (July exp) and I build and hold positions.

    Sounds like your playing CLKs?

    So, I'm not sure if the same entry, support, resistants and pivots apply.

  10. i never said i was shorting oil.. and i scalped over 400 cents today on a 5 lot.. i don't call that a scalp.. basically a breakout strategy only applied on wednesdays during report times.

    Yes i play the front month
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