Crude Oil Squawk Box

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  1. Anyone know of a service out there? Or if the nymex still offers one?
  2. someone else asked about this awhile back. i don't think nymex offers it anymore. best you could probably do is get on the option feed for a couple floor brokers.
  3. I don't think Nymex offers pit audio anymore, but check out they do broadcast live from the Nymex.
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    Yeah crude Squawk is the best if you trade the Energy markets, Marty Errico is on the floor of the NYMEX and gives you the scoop on CL NG RBOB and HO. hes also letting you know whether big buyers or sellers are coming in the large option purchases like today there were huge call purchases in the options pit and the call to put skew was 7:1. He covers whether the market is backwardation (bearish) or contango (bullish) in the CL and NG spreads and discusses crack spreads (HO/RBOB and 321 crack) which as you may or may not know is the difference between the CL and RBOB and HO and by how much the refineries profit from the distillates. For those that want to learn the Energy markets and need that information should check it out. Email to get a free day in the Squawk and give it a shot. I am a long time member thought I would share my experience since its been a valuable resource and have been much more profitable since getting in the room.
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    Thanks Brian 88;
    Crude [WTI/texas tea] is in a long term uptrend. Not a prediction

    But its downtrending from $150 area, NICE sell volume lately;
    most all the longer contracts are lower priced than the front month/volume month:cool: I make sure i use much less oil when its as Hi priced as it was lately.That is an elephant size pool in ND or SD, also .

    Iam glad to see it spike down or downtrend; i hate hi priced gasoline:cool: