Crude Oil Primed for up day on 12-6-06

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  1. Chart looks great nice saucer bottom, strong base. But you can bet tomorrows inventory data will show builds, just watch and see. One would think with the arctic air that covered the US last week you could bet on an inventory draw, think again.

    The plan is to keep the stock market up, at all cost. Tomorrows inventory data will come in just perfect, like all the incoming US data, perfect just perfect. So sit back relax, you have nothing to fear but fear it self.
  2. good one mini , love reading all your posts . i think you pretty much hit it right on the head , everything is just wonderful isn't it
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  4. Agree.

  5. Indeed, now that we have that naughty Vix back up, below 10 was raising eye brows. Now its back above 11, and the market is making new highs, perfect just perfect.
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    I heard one of the top traders in the Nymex was short crude a day or two ago. GLTY :eek:
  7. Survey says!!!!!!... you know I dont care how the data comes in, the US stock market will love it,. above below wont really matter.

    But more than likely it will be just right, just what the survey says.
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    What is it about "myminitrading"'s posts that is so good?

    All I see is a bunch of unsubstantiated garbage conspiracy theories and doublespeak.

    This one is perfect: he's got both sides covered. We *should* get a draw tomorrow, and he's provided a reason. But he bets we'll *actually* get a build, and he's got a reason for that too.

    Try this, instead: are you long, short, or flat? From where, and why?
  9. Awesome! I am getting good, just like our government officials. Thanks for the pat on the back.
  10. Ready for oil inventory data that is stock market friendly, data will be just right almost perfect.
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