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Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by Blinz45, Sep 4, 2007.

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    Does anyone know a good news service for just crude oil futures. I'm sick of watching oil jump on news while i sit there wondering what happened. Thanks
  2. Blinz45


    Can you recommend a streaming news service? Does anyone know if the Dow Jones newswire is any good for crude news?
  3. Dow Jones Energy News is the best bang for the buck for crude and refined products news, 150/month through CQG, etc.
  4. reuters and dow jones have very similar wires. Sometimes dow jones is quicker to tape and vice versa.
  5. explosion iran turkey pipeline.

    clv 76.38
  6. I was shorting the qm earlier yesterday morning; and suddenly qm revers its course; and came up fast; I said to myself; wtf? it occurred at back my mind; has someone blown up a tanker or pipeline?

    This thread has its merits. Every time; retail investor didn't have the news services fast enough.

    If you care about what have happened.
  7. anyone know when the OPEC decision comes down?

    fwiw...How much is that Platt's info service??