Crude Oil just hit $40

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    CLJ3 just hit $40 a barrel +2.30 on the day. CLK3 at $36 a $4 spread (under CLJ3).
  2. And stocks continue to rise today ......... are these investors nuts?

    Rising oil prices will cripple the economy, does nobody remember the 1970's ? Oil prices seem to have no impact on stiock prices at all these days.
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    I agree, a big Mystery it is...:confused:
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    NEW YORK (CBS.MW) -- Encouraged by a report that the nation's terror-alert level was likely to be lowered and by positive economic data, investors snapped up stocks Thursday morning.
  5. More George W. Bush bullshit if you ask me. You think terrorists give a damn what color it is today? Israel has been on the high alert for 50 years and you can see how well it has stopped suicide bombers.

    Some Korean nut job killed about 500 people with a milk carton of gasoline on the subway. And he was crazy. What happens when clever crafty Saudi terrorists do the same thing one morning on 20 subway systems in America at exactly the same time during morning rush hour? Will it matter what color it is that day.

    America is powerless to stop this, you can't do a body cavity search on everyone who enters a public area. I don't mean to sound fatalistic, but the market rising in reaction to a color on some meaningless scale is as crazy as it rising in the face of soraing oil prices.
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    ... well one thing...
    Durable orders - showed good numbers.
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    Hit a brick wall at $40. In the past hour and a half has lost all it gains and gone negative currently trading at $37.50.
  8. Excellent post Canadian_dude.... I wholeheartedly support your points and echo your sentiments...
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    Hmm.... I hate seeing red :(
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    Canadians, French, all the same krap, free, krappy health care and no war allowed. Learn to speak the language and lie about your origins if you visit. France bought off terrorists for decades, cheaper than war, but it's chicken. Al Qaeda guys called Canada the air craft carrier before 9/11 because they used it to get in and out of the US.

    We have gotten busy since 9/11 and have put a pretty large dent in Al Qaeda, I've seen news reports that we whacked 1/3 of them and that was months ago, could be higher now. I hope they are getting the hate preachers in the Madrasas, probably aren't, wouldn't be sportsmanlike. The Jews are doing a royal number on the Palestinians too.

    Suicide bombers come from cultures where despair is the main thing going on, like Palestine and some other places in the Middle East. Pretty hard to find that in the US, have to import all the suicide bombers and that is not so easy to do nowadays. I don't think the liberals are despairing enough to blow themselves up yet!! I had a guy stop and help me with my stalled car and give me a pamphlet about Islam a couple of months ago. He was driving a brand new pickup truck and was on his way to College night classes. Doesn't sound like a future suicide bomber to me.

    Some friends of mine went to a debate where all the main religions were represented. The Islamic guy claimed they are opressed by the west. Truth is, their cultures just don't foster productivity, haven't in centuries, probably never will. If we can make a fuel cell that terrorists can't use against us and if the pipeline gets built through Afghanistan and we can get the Russian oil online, and run our transportation and heating on fuel cells then we can embargo the whole middle east, and they have it coming too. Sounds like a plan to me. No way in hell to do that without an army. The former Afghan govt. was not going to cooperate in that.

    Pretty muchly I would say that you have to deal with cooperative people by finding the win-win situation but with non-cooperative people you have to force their every move like the end game of chess or give up what you are trying to do. I don't think that, with the current administration in place, we are going to have to give up much of our nice way of life anytime soon.

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