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  1. Congratulation! That long trade at 79.40 is your best trade so far. LOL. Maybe sarcasm as a trading tool will work out for you.

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  2. lol, thanx..

    one technique is, when it comes to rollover time, rolleover the equal position biases in profitable positions, and opposite position bias in loosing positions.
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  3. Maybe I can help you out here. He's being sarcastic. Probably a little frustrated over what oil is doing relative to his economic forecasts.

    I doubt if he has a position. My guess is he's papertrading. I don't know anyone riding oil for a $8-$9 loss (so far).


    EDIT: Then again, after reading your latest post, maybe I have it all wrong.
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  4. does this look like papertrading?! the question you have to ask is whether I was short oil for 8-9 dollar move...or whether I got tired of posting every here.
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  5. Got tired of posting one trade? LOL. But I don't have any idea of what you're doing. I only know what you posted. I ASSUME no one rides oil the wrong way that far. Seems to me though that if you're going to have a Crude Oil Journal you would post your trades. Or, if you're making numerous trades and don't want to post them, why post one then not refer to it again?

    Anyway, it's your journal, not mine. Personally I'd like to see an oil journal.

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  6. fair enough,

    these are the active journals

    I post in.

    bondsbehaving short
    es journal
    hong kong stock exchange
    money flows
    crude oil journal

    might take up the gold..if it starts acting up.

    but if you look at my post count, its hard to post every single trade in every journal.

    edit: will try to keep an active crude journal.
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  7. here the CL candles, expected ranges are those candle bars. But considering upside bars blown, the market is in a 'feel' mode, it could use the media visibility to fade it, and move to 74.

    a break of 78 would bring in some some probability shifts. Will look for a outside weekly bar, a higher high then the previous bar and a lower low then previous bar...for shifts.
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  8. outside weekly bar printed.

    edit: daily... still a higher prob..weekly even better.
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  9. similar bar printed on last decline, could easily be a fakeout, considering the storms entering..the gulf.
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  10. e ighty eight... just has a nice ring to it..... eighty eight....hmm.
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