Crude Oil is Dead

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    The 4 million barrels per day cut announced by OPEC in past 2 months did not help Crude Oil price to rise/soar.

    The GM and Chrysler bail-out news did not help Crude Oil price to rise. GM & Chrysler are heavy-car manufacturers & their cars consume lot of gas. Also worldwide consumers have not increased Oil consumption now inspite of Crude Oil reaching $40.

    Today Crude Oil did not soar from "high - tensions" in Israel - Palestine conflict and India - Pakistan conflict.

    Crude Oil is DEAD and will never go above $25 per barrel
  2. Wrong Wrong Wrong

    oil will surge

  3. Ummm. You do realize the OPEC 2.2 million cut doesn't take effect till January 1. Oil's up 2 on the Israel news.

    I'm siding with Stock_Trad3r on this one. Go back to starting worthless rumors.. You seem to be better at that.
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    Russia has massive undiscovered/untapped Oil reserves that can feed world's Oil demand for next 40 years.

    China also has huge undiscovered/untapped Oil reserves.

    Also there are alternative fuels such as Electric cars, Biofuel & others.
  5. Who cares?

    just trade the damned thing

    suck moves
  6. suck=sick
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    What about the 2 million barrels cut announced by OPEC 1 or 2 months back. Crude Oil has been falling continuously for past 40 - 45 days.
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    I think 5% or 10% of "Oil money" from gulf countries goes to Taliban and Al- Qaeda as financial help.

    "Oil money" is used for developing multi-billion dollars "Dubai real estates". I think 5% or 10% of "Dubai Real estate money" also goes to Taliban and Al-Qaeda as financial help.

    It is very important that Crude oil always remains at $15 or $20 per barrel, so that minimum finance is available to Taleban & Al-Qaeda from "Oil money".
  9. here we go and your crazy ass assumptions

    What you think and what the market does are two separate things.
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    it's 38 right now, but aside from that look at a monthly chart and tell me its not going to bounce...
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