Crude Oil Coming Down

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  1. Nice to see the price of Crude Oil coming off !
    Now it will move around better and make for better trading.
    I trade QM.
  2. I am shocked. According to the inflation bulls on ET oil should be at $150 at this point considering the Federal Reserve is "printing money 24/7".
  3. Let it go, Mak. You're becoming as bad as those who spam about the Fed.
  4. Crude will move UP AND DOWN ! ! !
    If it would of continued up it would of placed too much inflation pressure on our economy. THe Fed didn't want that. Cheny recently went to Mid. East. . . price now drops. . .
    One notable authority said oil would go to 70-75.
  5. For real energy is doing so poorly. Look at these poor YTD returns.

    Perhaps the stock market will out perform commodities in Q2 2008 since their seems to be so little cash hahahaha.

    My guess is the stock indexes will out perform commodities this quarter.
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    14 cent rally in gasoline and $5 reversal for crude off the low. stellar call ace.
  7. Hey. . . I said it would move around. . . UP & DOWN. . . and that it is. Another down move WILL happen. That's why I like trading it.
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    Thanks for the directional call!
    I like my women to be the same way.
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    Who wants to say when this ping pong game between 100 & 110 is gonna end? You could have made a killing every time in this range... and in the middle follow the day-to-day news BS.
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