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  1. Does anybody know of a web based platform that I can chart crude on intraday? I have been using one free site that I really like, however after just comparing the prices on the chart to Sierra Chart I realized it has a tendency to be 1-5 ticks off on some of the bigger bars which can make a big difference obviously.

    I spoke with IB and their web based platform does show charting but the smallest time frame is 10 minutes I believe. I need the 1m and 5m chart.

    Does anybody have any suggestions for a web based site to see the chart? I don't mind paying for it, I just need something that is pretty accurate.

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    Personally don't use web based charts.

    FC2000 from Worden I do not believe offers NYMEX

    TradingView only provided daily bars

    You can try:
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    Interactive brokers have a free data feed. Connect, ninja trader, multicharts, amibroker, sierra chart, quote tracker etc. to it and get realtime charts. The exchange fee is paid for by ib if you do $30 in commissions.
  4. I need something I can view as web based not desktop is the problem.
  5. CTS T4 charts are pretty good.

    YOu can clear Cunningham and get the platform and charting for $25 per month.
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  8. I have never heard of Cunningham, are they pretty good and is the whole platform available as web based?
  9. eSignal might be the route I go if I can't find a cheaper alternative. Counting the exchange fee I think it will work out to $106 a month, which is more expensive than I would like, but if that is what I have to do then that is ok. Thanks for the suggestion.
  10. Any clue why they don't have a review on here? There are so many brokers, I assumed they would be on the list.
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