Crude Oil 2016 contract at $140

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by Daal, May 20, 2008.

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  2. Hey I got an Idea, why don't those guys on ET who claim they want to short oil, Short now?


  3. You can't just short when there continues to be an irrationally senseless rise in crude oil... I think traders are being patient and waiting for some big news or technical factors that suggest a fall in crude oil.

    Think about the bubble. So many traders realized that the prices were ridiculous. They shorted at the wrong time, however. There analysis was correct but they shorted at the wrong time. I see this as a similar event.

    Wait for confirmation, then short!
  4. Does anyone think that it is possible that other forms of energy can become more efficient and less expensive by 2016, thereby making oil at $140 a barrel quite expensive. Obviously they can't totally replace crude oil, but prices are based on anticipation and if other forms of energy are actually utilized and seen as having great potential, then oil short drop in value.

    I think eight years is a sufficient amount of times to make substantial progress. As long as the American government does not intefere with other sources of energy and stops protecting the interests of oil monopolies that are in power today, it is certainly possible.