crude futs options on IB

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by mnx, Jul 6, 2007.

  1. mnx


    Any one know how I find light sweet crude futures options on IB?

    I pull up QM or CL and it says no options available? Am I missing something?

    - mnx
  2. syd697


    Been trying to find out that same info. Let us know if you hear anything new.
  3. Sashe


    last i heard they only have floor based crude options, there are some on ISE, but not liquid at all
  4. 2mnytrdz


    I too am wondering about crude futures options at IB. I trade the pit contract with XpressTrade and was hoping to trade the new electronic crude options with IB, but nothing. I'm tired of blindly sending my order to the pit and then hoping. Hopefully, IB will have the electronic soon. Where I can at least see what's going on with prices. Does anyone know?
  5. They don't have pit crude futures options.
  6. I inquired as soon as they became available a few weeks ago, IB says they are waiting to see the volume traded on GLOBEX before deciding whether to include the options in TWS

    Your only option right now are options on the crude ETF and natty ETF
  7. just21


    Is that the same position for Gold options on globex?
  8. Janed


    The pit traded options are not part of the free bundle on IB like they are with XT. If you log into Account Management in IB you will see how much it would cost.
  9. syd697


    Anyone heard of an update from IB on this?
  10. Are you talking about the data subscription? that is only for quote data, not for ability to trade. For instance, I didn't subscribe to CME floor but I could still trade pit SPX futures options.
    #10     Jul 27, 2007