Crude Down $6???

Discussion in 'Trading' started by PohPoh, Dec 12, 2007.

  1. Is this a mistick on stupid fuckin futuresource, or is this true?
    Did Cushing reopen or something?
  2. its real

    ...........its rocking... :)
  3. Surdo


    According to TradeStation, "it's bad CME data", and I am also told the 6PM opening is being delayed by their desk.

  4. Well youll find out in about 3 min if it is :D
  5. is that
  6. My chart is tickin away.. at 89.29

    Holy shit!
  7. :) notice the time stamp.
  8. 51,000 contracts plus that traded in the last 20 minutes
    Are they gonna bust all those trades?
    If not, I want an investigation (I have no positions!)
  9. tried buying.. as much as I could.

    trades will be busted most likely.
  10. bt116


    Word is they are going to be busted. Heard there were some ICE trades that went a bit below close.....perhaps they thought they were getting a good deal on that panic sale!

    The CME trades are going to be busted.
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