Crude becoming a good rally killer

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by PoundTheRock, Jun 9, 2005.

  1. Crude charts looking good... are we going to break the all-time high soon?
  2. $64+ within a month.
  3. otto


    I know this sounds bad but I want crude to keep going up maybe it will get some of these people off the road. Traffic is really bad around here.
  4. people in england pay 7 bucks a gallon for gas there and that doesnt seem to deter them from driving.
  5. =======
    but made sure it curtailed mine, so gas bill is less as price rises.:cool:

    Mr. Rock ;
    even though maybe due for a market correction;
    puzzled about title,
    AMR...are at yearly highs-a weak sector,partly because of oil?????
  6. well, too much higher and they won't have a job to go to, so....
  7. mtt, I mention oil being a good rally killer only in an intraday context... there have been been a few rally days in the past few weeks that started well in the am only to melt in the pm on rising crude... today the lid may be off
  8. Arnie


    I think it will continue to be a rally killer until $50 becomes support...long term support that is.
  9. tomcole


    CL is funny as it only takes a few thousand lots thrown at CL, to impact es/zb etc where 10,000 lot trades are easily absorbed.

    es/zb/zn traders need to better understand or participate in cl.
  10. agree, great point -- there's definitely something to that...
    #10     Jun 15, 2005