Crude = $65 first before $40

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by polpolik, Dec 3, 2008.

  1. I say we'll start to see major buying <$45 and I highly doubt we'll see $40 for at least until Feb next year.

    That's my guess (and it's good as yours) :cool:
  2. I have orders to buy calls on the USO at lower prices but I might start pilling right away to get an average price and not miss the boat. At 30 I sell my clothes and go all in.
  3. Surdo


    Stops will run it through $44.90 before Letterman is done with his TOP 10!
  4. jsv416


    where are your buyers? I am not making fun of you, I am just wondering where the hell the buyers are. I cant believe oil is this low.
  5. Who would be a buyer? During the Great Depression, commodities sank REALLY low. If this happens again, oil might go under $13 a barrel, not so long ago.

    Isn't it frightening to think it has gone down over 70% in a few months? What if it does another 70% again?

    Wanna be long 30-40 contracts at $40 a barrel???