Crude: $125 to $250

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Who holds the most blame for high CL?

  1. Barack Obama

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  2. OPEC

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  3. 2008-2010 Congress

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  4. Shimon Peres

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  5. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

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  6. Uncle Benny and the Fed

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  1. Israel and Iran is like slowing down a csx train...not instant. How do the shorts expect to deal with this? CIA keeping up with the sniping in Iran?

    If Israel licks Iran... CL = >$200

    wont that be fun to buy intraday at <$1.5k a
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  2. the article posted is from last year.
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  3. Sorry about that...I saw it on bloomberg today and Googled it real quick
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  4. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, by far. Ever since he managed to capture coalition forces and artificially inflate oil to the tune of $300 million for his country any excuse to stir trouble in the middle east that directly benefits them is the geopolitical risk caused not by fed inflation, but by fear mongering by the ayatollah.

    This practice will generally transpire out of fear of regional tensions with the intent to inflate the price of oil even though the shale oil and gas discoveries have proved far more abundant than any pure oil that might be left in opec nations. As long as oil's above $100, shale oil is significantly more abundant and lucrative than any of the oil well production OPEC nations have.

    Amnadinejad is as much a lunatic as any denier of the holocaust, and that makes him dangerous. US drones will likely carry the spectre of bunker busting nuclear weapons as soon as reliable intelligence is gathered as to the whereabouts of the Iranian nuclear scientists in possession of the psychotic Indian nuke scientist that gave them the key to refining weapons grade, nuclear enriched uranium. As long as at least one scientist knows about those secrets disseminated by a pyschopath nuclear scientist from India, that person will remain at large and serve to debilitate the relative complacency of oil markets.

    $250 will never happen until I'm 20 years older from now. I'm also expecting cold fusion and Bloom Energy fuel cells to replace the need for foreign oil.
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  5. Never happens! American economy crashes between 130 and 150. World economy follows shortly thereafter.
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  7. = Did you also vote for Obama?
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  8. ?....??....???....????.... ! .....Yes, your mother is also a donkey. :p
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  9. I ripped it off of a translation website
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  10. I think Syrian or Libyan civil war ought to be on this list of causes.
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