crude 110 yahoooo

Discussion in 'Trading' started by gobar, Mar 12, 2008.

  1. gobar


    bought some puts in crude... for april
  2. Crude is going to 200 easily

    gold 1500

    no point buying puts now

    wait till rates go to 1 point
  3. Why not 500 and 15,000, respectively?

    I realize you don't trade with limits.

    There's also no limits on your stupidity, you wanker.

    I CAN NOT WAIT until we retest and break down below last week's lows, just you STFU for at least a little bit.
  4. gobar


    .75 cut is already backed in...

    $200 for oil...LOL

    ben will commit suicide if oil reaches 150...:D :D :D
  5. Where were you?! This board was beginning to lack the bold, arrogant, baseless predictions you have become known to make in your absence (actually, not really, there were plenty of pikers who stepped in to take your place). You are the best fade going...
  6. Just think a few days ago the spooz was only only 20 points from 1252, which meant I would have to leave the site for good. Just 20 points.
  7. stock what happened to your statement that you posting activity was going to go way down? You are polluting this entire board. We get it, your smart, were dumb, the market will never go down again, no more corrections....well besides the nasty one were in now. the fed is here to bail out the market, there is no such thing as inflation, and your best (most ridiculous statement) there is and never was any credit problem...does that cover it? Why do you feel the need to state the same thing 50+ times a day?
  8. I was on hiatus for awhile and then I realized it was time 2 buy again. A few days later the markets surge 4% in a single day.
  9. Why do you tease me so?

    Listen, if we retest and break down below lows, it means I'll lose money.

    That's how badly you annoy me.

    It isn't personal dislike of you.

    It's your statements. If you're going to say crude is going to $200, don't stop there next time; make it humorous. Make me laugh.

    Work with me.

    (p.s. you're not really a wanker)