Crucial zone at 8693

Discussion in 'Trading' started by harrytrader, May 27, 2003.

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    Sellers on daily scale should cut there it is the limit of wave 3 on daily scale :D
  2. Sellers should cut?

    What does this mean.....if it breaks buy? The chart say's bullish presignal. So we are buying ES now?

    Michael B.
  3. Of course if sellers cut it means they have to buy with losses and add to the bullishness that's why it's funny :D In fact very bullish trend is due to cutters not to trenders because the first category have the fire behind them not the second one :p . Can guess it : the 8693 level has been violented by only 2 points when it was retested at 8691 because there were no sellers any more :D.

  4. Max reasonable target for today if ever the expectancy above of 8743 (see wave 5 on previous ewave chart) is not enough for bulls :D
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  5. Standard error is easily 3 points on scale 3 so with 8766 I consider that intraday top at 8769 has been done.

  6. Of course if sellers cut

    This phrase above I was not familliar with. Thanks Harry for clearing this up. I think some call this a short squeeze too.

    Michael B.