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    I don't get it !!!

    There rubber shoes :confused:

    I wonder if the flip flop did the same thing in 1970 :cool:
  2. Lots of fat people want comfy slippers to walk around in! :D

    In all seriousness I've heard they're ridiculously comfortable but it sounds like a trend to me...only so many can be sold. They're all the same aren't they?
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    My girlfriend just bought a pair of look a likes for $5.00 :eek:
  4. When the bear market comes I know what to short :D
  5. they are just rubber shoes but they sell for $30 and only cost $2 to make.
  6. not the story.

    Wednesday, the SEC meets to end Grandfathering, and curtail MM exemptions. That is not because they want to; they are being forced to. This is just a short squeeze, and since CROX stays on the SHO list, it's not over.

    What I found interesting was Cramer on it all the way up, hosing his buddies.

    The day it comes off the list, it should fall, as the medicine has been taking. If it comes back on, like TASR, it'll go back up again. I can't figure why, but it happens.
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    MANIPULATION this is an old story that has been going on for decades.

    The funny thing is that no one cares until it blows up in their faces like ENRON.

    We have not learned a thing and the players just move from one stock to the next.

    Greed is Good ... remember:cool:
  8. Just loaded up on CROX.

    Where's this thing heading?
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    If you have to ask that I would close my position now.
  10. So then you must know. Tell me.
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