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    Yes. He has been harping on it quite a bit. He also pointed out that a quarter of the float was short. In the previous quarter their earnings and guidance were just as good but the stock took a nosedive the next day and dropped $14 over the next three weeks before eventually coming back to the $57 level.
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  2. Cramer will talk about shorts, but he never talks about naked shorts, or x clearing. That is the multiplier that makes these things rocket.

    It is almost like an unwritten law; don't talk about it.

    He did a piece on Monster today that was an unbelievle kissup to the SEC. He actually told people buying on inside infor to sell out, or they'd get called in. Whew.
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    What is exactly SHO stock? can anyone explain it a little bit?
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    CROX is not a fad... no way.

    Not only is it popular (especially with younger kids) but it is growing like crazy overseas. I was down in FL a couple months ago and saw tons of these along the beach and at Disney theme parks. Let's also not forget how many people in the medical industry (and people who stand a lot) wear these.

    With the split coming I see this going nowhere but up. I am long since $53 and rolling in the dough.
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