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  1. I observe that CROX has a 9 month trading history, the price trend might be upward, income is growing, earnings growing. The company makes shoes.

    The business appears to be growing rapidly. Jeff Vinik appears to be a major stockholder.

    I don't own CROX.
  2. This is the kind of company that it is pure fad.

    Once their brand loses its cache, they have nothing left.

    And c'mon. Shoes? For kids and men? It's not even as if they're an italian designer of womens' footwear.

    Just my .02
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    I have to say those shoes are a FAD, I have seen people wearing these before and I question what do people see in these shoes. This is a company that might be showing great growth, but sooner or later you will see this stock tanking just as this FAD comes to a complete HALT. Agree with buylo....
  4. 40% is sold short. Add to that, it's been on Reg SHO for 60 days or so. What don't you get. You can sit there for a month and wonder why - it's just a paper chase, and it could be a HANS, or a whatever. 25 to 40 already. 80? 120? Even the company wouldnot be able to ascertain the size of the fails to deliver, so it's anybodies guess. There could be two or three times the outstanding short in one form or another.
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    Well, Let's see here. I am wearing a pair of bright yellow Crox as i write this. I also have a pair of lime green ones. Sometimes i wear one lime green one and one yellow one. I am hoping to acquire a pair of red ones soon. They are very comfortable and very long lasting, sell for $30. and must cost at least $1.95 to make. Lots of College kids are wearing them, particularly the "arty" types. Fad maybe. Who knows? I think i'll go long some crox.:) (Oh, and CROX are sexy as hell!)
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    Crox are a say crox are sexy as hell, thats more of a problem than the stock being above $40....I thought UGGS were ugly until I heard of Crox, but Crox takes home the trophy for most ugly shoe of the decade.
  7. do you trade stox, or critique Crox? One thing has nothing to do w/the other, at least for the next few weeks.

    Everybody that hated them is already short.
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  9. i am part of the traveller community.
    among travellers.... teva sandals are still the mainstay.

    but i tried on a pair of crocs that belong to a friend.
    i much prefer them to tevas because they are just more comfortable.

    and they look different.
    that is something special. they kind of look like hansel and gretel.
    cheap, comfortable, i dont know how long they last....... look neato.
    like a previous poster said, they probably cost nothing to make.

    if they could come out with some models to match the success of the original model..... then there you go.

    i can understand americans not liking them... cus americans are pretty lame.
    but europeans seem to be crazy about them.

    i dont know if the stock is high or not but i would like be long because i like the product. only reason.
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    They do have 2 things going great for them though the first is they signed a contract to have the disney characters feature crox and they are also signing contracts with colleges to design crox with the school colors. The more shorts the bigger the upside surprise when something good happens. I'm staying away from this one. Maybe you could put on a stradle? Something bigs going to happen one way or the other
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