CROX tp declare stock split in near future

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by ghostzapper, Aug 1, 2007.

CROX which price first ?

  1. up to $70 baby

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  2. down to $50, it's a dog w fleas

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  1. loook for CROX to trade higher as a new stock split will be announced soon.
  2. hi ghostzapper,

    that is a possibility but most parabolic stocks when they stop rising, they will retrace to at least 62% of the range...

    Current parabolic arc stocks are: AAPL, RIMM...


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  3. Silver Parabolic Arc...
  4. AAPL Parabolic Arc...
  5. Gold Parabolic arc...
  6. Mvic


    "when they stop rising" knowable only with hindsight.
  7. Joab



    I do believe CROX is way overbought and due for a correction or at least some sideways action I want to make note of the massive generalization your are presuming with parabolic stocks (as you call them)

    Your arc on CROX = Daily Chart
    yet your arc on the others = Weekly chart

    Why not use a Monthly or a Yearly ???

    Your correct only to the degree that stocks EVENTUALLY will fall after they have a parabolic run and your analysis is useless unless you can find the correct timeframe that is applicable.

    On a second note re your book:

    I was tempted to buy it but 65 chart patterns :confused:

    Please excuse me but I know most people have problems even mastering 2-3 ... so what the hell good is 65 ????


    I do wish you well and best of trades.
  8. hi joab,

    I was showing 'Arc' pattern examples...
    So, Gold or AAPL are shown with parabolic arcs in weekly charts to depict the pattern and how it performed...

    I was only high-lighting the pattern..

    I agree it is difficult to master all 65 patterns.. But it is a 'Book' which presents all. I also wrote that pick few (3-4) patterns of your interest and 'Master' them first. Then if your trading demands learn and master others...


  9. crox will hit 40 prior to 63.
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