CROX, RIMM and other bubbles

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  1. Stock bubbles start to bust. Crox is only the beginning, others like RIMM will follow soon.

    I have seen it all in 1999.
    Names those days were CMGI, EXDS, ATHM, BCMS, DCLK...
  2. Um a 20% selloff doesn't indicate the top of anything.

    There are no bubbles. RIMM and CROX are hugely profitable and have huge revenue, and have reasonable valuations unlike most the stocks in the 2000 bubble.
  3. A 30%+ selloff DOES indicate a top, at least in the short or intermediate term. CROX is going into SHOWME mode, just like HANS did last year, where it will have to prove to momentum investors/traders that it deserves their time and $$$
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    CROx going to 48 today...
  5. CROX had great numbers. Own no position, but I would recommend buying at these levels.

  6. I've never bought this stock before today -- thought it was a momentum for dummies play.


    I'm a buyer today.

    At $50 and $3 earnings next yr, a forward PE of 16-17 considering there still is growth. Sure $75 may be a top ... but $60 isn't an unreasonable very near term target for the stock.

    Dumb (desperate?) shorts.
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    I wouldn't be surprised to see it fill the gap eventually.
  8. Trying to call the tops on so called 'bubbles' is a fast way to loose lots of money.

  9. Yes, this time it's different.:D
  10. Trying to hold bubbles is a safe way of losing it all. Apart, if you have your money in USD it doesn't matter anyway. USD keeps on losing everyday and your purchasing power with USD is next to nothing. :p
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