CROX pooped....again

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by pumpanddumper, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. When was the 3-1 split. ...j/k

    Anyone tempted to make a trade at $27? Looks a little overdone and good for a bounce tomorrow a la CSCO style
  2. karen finerman's fund has been bag holding this from what price??
  3. fwiw, at THESE (post earning ) prices, it is actually kind of compelling in regards to its fundies. i feel the same way here as i did about MCD's under 50 and SWHC under 4.75.

    i am NOT saying Crox is MCD's (lord forbid) but lets remember this is not a momo tech stock. it has pretty solid earnings, and its product is starting to become ubiquitous. really it comes down to management. can they promote brand loyalty, so that people keep buying crox and not cheap knockoffs.

    i was lucky enough to have friends who work in hospitals. this got me in crox @ the IPO which has been nice to me. obviously, i sold tons (i am a sell strength kind of guy), but at these prices it is compelling for an IRA.

    otoh, if you think it's another snapple (flavor of the month so to speak) you want to stay away.

    Crocs is similar to UA in this regards. it's all about brand loyalty, and their ability to improve/incrementally change their product line WITHOUT diluting their appeal.
  4. Record earnings and their International Story is working and once again the BEAR RAID is on. Until the SEC shuts down the crap that the large shorts do, this will never end. Their earnings were great given the economy etc. It is the short BEAR RAIDs.

  5. dsq


    what is a bear raid?the opposite of bull raid?Should that be brought to an end also?Lets just shut the market down altogether so stocks cant move at all.

    CROX is a fad.If hospital workers are the only customer then the market cap is way too high at these levels.Rubber shoes folks.

    This was a momo stock.It lost its momo.Former momo stocks just wither away. ie iomega,snapple,krispy kreme,hot topic,heely s etc...
  6. You forgot IPIX !
    It's at what now ? Oh, I forgot, it's no longer traded.