Crox=Massive manipulation

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by scarylarry, Oct 31, 2007.

  1. dont believe stocks are manipulated? Look at Crox in after hors LMAO!
  2. Rocko1


    Why would it matter if we're making $$$ out of it?
  3. It doesnt I guess, but believe it or not I feel bad for the "retail traders" who buy and hold this pig.I guess u have to be a pro to trade after hours but I made enough on it today so its all good.
  4. Rocko1


    Most of the money we make are losses off the newbies, it's better to keep them in the dark.
  5. Isn't it funny people only talk about market manipulation when they get their ass handed to them? LOL
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    hahaha ain't that the truth!:D
  7. Been in Crox since it traded @ 43.20. I guess u should ask before running your pie hole sucka. LMAO @ the newbie!

    I am 'da man!!
  8. Crox will keep going higher

    way oversold
  9. gobar


    no way jose... 2morow it will see $55...

    damm should have bought put...:D
  10. Ban this idiot
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