CROX issues an ugly warning

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  1. they not only missed by a mile but they warned as if their business was hit by a nuclear bomb.
  2. People are no longer willing to pay $30 for ugly foam sandals? SHOCKING!!!
  3. British Knights all over again.
  4. they just closed down one of their factories in Québec city, Canada.
  5. Trading halted...

    What will it open at? I expect down 25%.
  6. wow i covered my short this morning im really speechless ahh what a disappointment as a trader missing a huge move. im taking the week off my head isn't there right now after this lost opportunity.
  7. Good stock gauge for this POS:

    The number of people joining the Facebook group "I don't care if Crocs are comfortable, you look like a complete dumbass"

    I think there are over 300000 people in the group and growing rapidly.
  8. Group: I Dont care How Comfortable Crocs Are, You Look Like A Dumbass.
    Size: 807,481 members
    Type: Common Interest - Philosophy
    New:1,817 More Members, 6 Board Topics, 114 Wall Posts
  9. $0.08-$0.13 vs $0.45 and it only dropped to $13.24??? Huh?
  10. Crox are the most comfortable shoes I own.....I wear them every day, even have a few jibbets in mine.

    Terrible quarter, will be interesting to see if management engineers a turn around in this environement.
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