CROX got WTFpwned again

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  1. So at what price will CROX become a "value" stock?
  2. Joab


    I hate to say this but I was warning everyone since last year that all this company made was over priced rubber flip flops and that they would be worthless in no time.

    Next stop $3
  3. ElCubano


    marketsurf-dude was off by 1-2 months on this call.....
  4. CROX of shit will be a value stock at .25cents. Ride it all the way down sucker.
  5. Can you imagine buying 6 month puts on this 6 months ago?

    maybe a $60 strike price?

  6. Chart reminds me of JSDA. Eiffel tower top and never looked back.
  7. What's amazing is that this company still has accelerated earnings increases.
  8. Mvic


    Yes 1 or 2 months sounds like almost a good call but he was also some $30 early if I recall.

    Too bad he didn't follow my suggestion and employ an option strategy that would have kept him from taking so much heat he was driven from his position at a huge loss. Then again I question whether he trades at all so the point is probably mute.
  9. He's a journalist. He's probably never placed a trade for more than 17 shares in his life.
  10. S2007S


    How the hell did anyone think CROX would be a stock to own for years, ITS A FAD, I have said this OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN, you would have to be a fool to think that CROX would stay around forever....

    Here are all of my posts on crox:


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    11-06-06 08:16 PM

    Quote from piezoe:

    Well, Let's see here. I am wearing a pair of bright yellow Crox as i write this. I also have a pair of lime green ones. Sometimes i wear one lime green one and one yellow one. I am hoping to acquire a pair of red ones soon. They are very comfortable and very long lasting, sell for $30. and must cost at least $1.95 to make. Lots of College kids are wearing them, particularly the "arty" types. Fad maybe. Who knows? I think i'll go long some crox. (Oh, and CROX are sexy as hell!)

    REPLY from S2007S

    Crox are a say crox are sexy as hell, thats more of a problem than the stock being above $40....I thought UGGS were ugly until I heard of Crox, but Crox takes home the trophy for most ugly shoe of the decade.



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    its a new issue so shorting is hard to come by, as for a FAD, i think it is. Wont be around forever, reminds of those ugly shoes they call CROX hahah. What a fad that is. I feel sorry for anyone thinking that CROX is here to stay.

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    Quote from stonedinvestor:

    Final short ideas*

    PEIX down 2.3% could go to $12

    LAM Research who knows looks wobbily.

    Heelys. Probably going to El Crasho!

    MOT too far gone already $26 to $18.
    XNL impressive that it holds here....

    haha HLYS, that and CROX are what we call a FAD. I did invest in HLYS on IPO day made a few bucks and ran far away.

    CROX will disappear as fast as they came. HLYS will need to keep the FAD going, there is no way I think it can stay put for another 2 years.

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    Quote from ak15:

    You must be living in a cave.

    REPLY by S2007S

    I am, hmmmm.

    Im sure you own a few, I dont...and I dont know anyone who does.

    Right now CROX is on top of its game but I guarantee you the FAD will FADE soon.

    This is a FAD that will be here one minute and gone the next.....

    I know they are expanding their line with about 30 different styles but they are going to have as something as big as the original Crox to keep the stock moving.

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    05-03-07 06:11 PM

    CROX is a fad like:

    L.A. Gear and Reebok Pumps....

    Im sure you forgot about how big those were. Heelys is also a fad.



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    Funny how this stock keeps advancing,
    CROX is a fad and when it finally ends the stock will be one of the best shorts.


    LA Gear.

    HEELYS haha

    People will look back in a few years and think why the hell was I wearing these ugly looking shoes.

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    01-07-08 04:39 PM

    Quote from S2007S:

    CROX = fad...

    the stock may be returning impressive gains, but that shoe they sell will be a fad come the next 1-2 years.
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