Crox Earnings Drama On Tues 2/19

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by dsq, Feb 14, 2008.

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    No i am not trading crox but their ernings were a catastophe last report.I dont see how things havent gotten worse for them.Kinda think it gets massacred again.But i dont have the nuts to short it.Too bad they didnt report before options expiration.
  2. After this stock has been beaten down i have bee ntrading it. Once a high flyer the volume really dried up in recent weeks. I am long, looking for a chance to get out right now before earnings. Right now dont like nasdaq long
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    anything can happen with crox like it could go up 25pts if things have stabilized...however i think its game over for this fad and this report will not see any improvement-how can it?me thimks the stock gets wacked in half on tuesday.Fad stocks get chopped in thirds or halfs.
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    I just want to say, as i sit here in my little lime green croxs, they are comfortable as hell, and durable, and awfully damn convenient, and awfully cheap when compared to leather, to say nothing of how cute they are -- and i in them, of course! Probably just saturating the market for now, but i seriously doubt if they are going the way of the hoola hoop and the pet rock. I mean this stock was pushed way beyond reality, it has to seek its proper value. (I don't own any Crox Stock, but i'll be happy to buy some if they decide to give it away.)

    P.S. The bright yellow ones are pretty kool also.
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    I am long on Crox. I believe they are not a fad, ala DECK with Ugg boots. I expect good earnings.
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    :p :p :p :p :p :p
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    Funny how this stock keeps advancing,
    CROX is a fad and when it finally ends the stock will be one of the best shorts.


    LA Gear.

    HEELYS haha

    People will look back in a few years and think why the hell was I wearing these ugly looking shoes.