Crown Forex 1 pip spread

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  1. pere


    if this is what they offer then they probably are a Casino and going against their traders trying to push their tradeders to fail in order to win some money...

    i don't like this it sounds fishy...
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  2. How long until someone offers a -1 pip spread. Yeah they actually pay you 1 pip to do the trade. LOLOLOL

    And I'm not talking about just a carry trade.

    Many would fall for it I bet. [​IMG]


    Please, I'm not a daytrader, I'm an "Intraday Liquidity Provider"

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  3. pere


    if you will get 1 pip spread from anyone just think about it man, you are most probably being ripped of somewhere else...
    its just not worth the risk...

    i think that a good swing trader can make between 50-300 pips per good trade so whay the hell not to pay 2-4 pip per trade as for the spread and be sure no one will be playing with your money...
    safty is the most important thing for me as a trader...
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  4. Try Oanda...their software is alright.
    Spread is 1.5 eur/usd....2 usd/jpy....they explain better on the site.
    I don't think thy will rip you off.
    If you have a proble with thinking that someone will rip you off then just go to or
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  5. pere


    i already tried to work with them...
    they give you 1 pip spread on a non fast moving market but when liquidity comes to the market their spread gets widden up and this is not good for me...
    i also didnt like thier exacution at Non farm payrolls and market events such as this.

    so far i found Forexyard honest anough but i hope they wont be proven wrong i just started with them.
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  6. sambar


    talk to these guys and they said 1 pip spread on all majors you can trade through news releases and spreads will not widen and there will be no slippage. They must think I was born yesterday. Will definetely be given this company a miss.
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