Crown Forex 1 pip spread

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by forextiming, Aug 9, 2006.

  1. Well, classic "Too good to be true" crap.

    They have to trash the MT4 platform, the one I want to use.

    Damn, I hope these bastards get theirs later on after screwing people.

    Still EFX group....
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  2. RedDuke


    Yeh right 1 pip on all majors. Why people waist their time, if you want to trade forex you've got oanda and IB, reputable firms with tight spread.

    If you want to trade currencies, but not in forex you've got CME fuutres.

    2007 will bring FXMarketplace from CME & Reuters, which will be a death o most forex brokers if they do things right.
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  3. You can be pretty damn sure they will be trading against you !

    spread is too low to offset trades in the interbank market,
    the only way is to match customers orders internally but
    with such a low spread it's not worth the effort.
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  4. Chood


    Are you freeking kiddin? Fxstreet has as many or more traps, scams, and beats as any retail forex promotional site. The fact that it dresses well doesn't mean it's less risky for the unwary.

    Peddlin' moonbeams and pixy dust pays pretty good I guess, especially with an audience as naive, wishful, and inexperienced as forex wannabes. The poster's inquiry is proof: the retailer at issue holds itself out as Swiss yet operates in the casbah of Amman. And the poster wants to know how it possibly could not square, honest, and totally on the up and up.

    Don't know if I should laugh or cry.

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  5. This smells like a scam.
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  6. RedDuke



    Good post.

    I think I will soon ignore all forex questions. I and many others posted on numerous threads about what forex brokers truly are, but people are either too lazy to read or choose not to listen. Why would anyone trade forex when you have CME currency futures which are centralized, cheaper and trade at real market and not some webspace where everything, including quotes, is controlled by people who hold your money. My main exposure to trading, besides some fooling around with stocks, was forex. But I spent a lot of time learning about this market, traded it life (with small account), and when I realized what it really is, I moved to futures.

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  7. It is called a dealing desk. Avoid this at all costs. They can and do manipulate the spread - as well as bounce your ass is you get profitable.

    All dealing desk companies trade with you. You are not on the wide open market - ALTHOUGH - they can pass it through. But since 90% of us fail, why bother?

    Stick to a non dealing desk company like MBTrading.
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  8. It's called a scam. One pip on all majors guarantees you'll never see a dime.
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  9. Chood


    I agree. Good job, good post. In forex, unlike football and war, there is one rough substitute for victory: experience.
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