Crown Forex 1 pip spread

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  1. has anyone heard of crown forex broker they say they are offering 1 pip spread. That sounds better than oanda
  2. sk0ll


    I wanto to know if thw allow scalping

  3. I'm skeptical......

    Their website doesn't even work for me....

    If they can't even provide a website, how can they possibly maintain a stable platform?

    Sorry, no go.
  4. Graham1


    Says located in Switzerland but domain name registered in Amman, Jordan ?
  5. Anybody tried a REAL account ?
  6. jhig29


    Just out of interest, how do you know the site was registered in Amman?
  7. jhig29


    I just called the number on their site to try and get a demo and it was a mobile phone voicemail. Hah!
  8. Pippi436


    They only give a po-box as contact adress. FX is highly unregulated in switzerland. Id say avoid.
  9. Note the contact name for crown forex:

    Domain Name:

    zxcvbn, asdfgh
    amman jordn
    amman, amman, 11171

    Bill Contact:
    Billing, CROWN IT
    amman jordn
    amman, amman, 11171
    5691795 fax: 5657519

    Administrative Contact:
    Administrator, CROWN IT
    amman jordn
    amman, amman, 17337
    5691795 fax: 5657519

    Technical Contact:
    Tech-Support, CROWN IT
    amman jordn
    amman, amman, 17337
    5691795 fax: 5657519

    Record expires on 2008-07-20 00:00:00.
    Record created on 2006-02-18 02:05:00.
  10. After drilling them for account info they gave me this link below,,
    and while reading it it says somthing along the lines that they dont place the trade in the otc forex market its all done within the company or somthing

    I dont know how this could be a chop shop of a firm if has it as one of there suggensted brokers ?

    but somthing smells fishy business agreement.pdf
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