Crossroads- Take a cruisey job in risk or take on global fixed interest role

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by let it run, May 29, 2006.

Which job offers best life v money v entertainment career options?

  1. Risk

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  2. Global Fixed Interest Trading/Strategy

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  3. Just go with what feels right to you and stop procrastinating

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  1. I'm putting this one out there because I really am not sure what job would suit me the most at this stage in life/career.

    I'd really appreciate it if people would share their thoughts based on their experience in any of these roles.

    You need a run-down on the situation, me and my motives before you can give an opinion so...

    - Traded Prop in London which was the best job I ever had, just loved it. Moved to Australia with the Mrs for lifestyle reasons and into a boring job which pays pretty good but leaves me brain dead.

    - Taken a while to get any bites from big cos out here and, not surprisingly, two good opportunities have come at the same time.

    - Money is important to me, but is definitely not the be all and end all. If it was, then I would still be in London! Looking for decent life/work balance and want to use my brain a bit.

    The two tabled offers are:

    1. Value at Risk Analyst, being part of the risk team that monitors equities, F.I., FX etc. at a pretty big firm (in Australian standards). The company has a great reputation for looking after staff and I know it will not involve crazy hours.

    2. Global Fixed Interest Team. I would be part of a team that does all its own strategy/trading on global F.I which is basically regarded as the best company to work where I am located. Would be great fun, learn a lot and the money will be better. However, it's back to being a bit more stressed/highly strung, working some dodgey hours to cover positions in U.S/European markets while every other fcuker is asleep.

    Again, money is important to me, as is career and ability progression..... but absolutely not at the expense of not beig able to enjoy life outside work. I don't think the job would be anything like as stressful as anything in London or NY but out here you want to be enjoying the space and weather rather than driving the newest sports car, which is exactly why I came here.

    I also have no idea how much money there is in getting up to the top of the food chain in the risk department- any insights very welcome.

    Thanks in advance all.
  2. What city in Australia is it in? Are there no prop jobs there?
    Imo, i'd go for the higher paid one as the rest of your lifestyle is balanced out by the extra stress of the job.
  3. I'm in Brisbane.

    No prop jobs here I am afraid- connection speeds too slow (to Eurex/CBOT/CME), futures markets dont move as much/have the volume of Europe and U.S. and it just doesn't seem to be something people believe in.

    I'm sure there are quite a few self backed traders sitting at home making nice money whilst I talk about all this!!!

    In ten years time I want to be trading wirelessly on a beach without any technical inferiority or connection fears. Just waiting for the technology to be created!