Crossing trades

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  1. Are there futures markets where it's currently within the rules to deliberately trade with yourself? I remember the buzz about the flipper on eurex

    i'm asking basically for the purposes of anonymity.. encrypting the signals of 2 strategies by managing and sometimes swapping signals and positions between brokers

    i know that sounds like a lot of trouble/paranoia/cost for no great reason, large traders don't care about small size, clearing codes, etc.. just curious

    how do traders enhance real anonymity
  2. Trading between yourself, to give the idea that price is rising?, like pump and dump.

    First it's highly illegal.

    Second it only works in illiquid stocks.

    Third your orders may not be filled if you are too far off.

    Fourth it is said to be done by some -inescrupulous- hedge funds/ billionaires.

    Fifth ET is not a good place to ask this things.
  3. Crossing customer paper in the futures market, YES.
    Taking the other side of a customer order, NO.
  4. ic that makes sense. thx for responding both

    it's really not for the purposes of manipulation, simply to scramble proprietary information. probably unnecessary, but it did get me wondering how much anonymity increases with each additional broker used to manage a combination of strategies, or if it matters at all

    trading strategies can be so simple, its a naked feeling, repeatedly keying orders to a broker, also in illiquid markets where so much defense can show up on the spot at your profit levels

    it would be interesting to know how much a given market is dominated by consolidated players