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  1. Andiroo



    Outside of the USDA are there any information providers who generate crop estimates for example from satellite imagery?

    If yes can you point me to these.


  2. kanellop


    Hello from the far away Athens City, Greece.

    Relative to your Message, i have to say that exist the following:

    Lanworth's RAY© (Real-time Area and Yield), .

    That Product have not coverage in Global Scale.

    Right now have for United States of America, Brazil and Argentina.

    Other Company is the: GDA Corp., .

    That Company as i had learn,

    in the next time period from now,

    will create a Commercial Product that possibly if everything goes well,

    will have coverage for all over the Globe.

    Another Company is the MDA Federal, ,

    with the Product that have Name:

    Cropcast Weekly Feedgrains and Oilseeds Reports.

    That Product have coverage especially for Corn, Soybeans and Wheat in Global Scale.

    It is a Weekly Product meaning 1 time per Week, 4 times per Month.

    Cost around 300 USD per Month and the minimum mandatory subscription time period are 6 Months.

    Kind Regards,

    George Kanellopoulos.
  3. Andiroo


    Hi George

    Thanks for the response. This is really useful.

    Best wishes

  4. Andiroo


    Hi George

    I meant to add - do you currently use any of these products and in what capacity - speculator, hedger, ag business, other?

    Interesting range of companies but from what i can tell none of the products seem to really be that robust and the products look pretty low value. I thought there might be closer to real time information and an ability to intergoate the data for your own insights rather than just looking at standard reports.

    Any thoughts on how well this serves your interests i would be interested to hear?


  5. kanellop


    Hello Again.

    To be honest with you, Yes, i use the MDA Federal Product,

    Cropcast Weekly Feedgrains and Oilseeds Reports,

    because have Informations in Global Scale,

    in a possibly affordable Cost for an Individual Trader like me.

    I find that Reports interesting but i do not use them for so much Time.

    I use them the last 6 Months about , so it is not possible to have a clear opinion if are so Good, because the Time Space that use them, is too small.

    The Lanworth's Product which have not Coverage for Global Scale,

    have Cost for an Individual Trader, around 10000 USD per Annum.

    For that Products i do not want to say that are Low in Value.

    How you say that, do you have try these Products and say that ?

    Someone must test it for to create an opinion, positive or negative for some Time Period.

    Real Time Informations in that kind of Products, i do not believe that can exist, because of some Limitations.

    Or to put opposite the above Thought.

    If suppose that exist a thing like that,

    the Cost will be so huge that i do not believe that can afford it an Individual Person and i believe nor a Company too.

    You need extremely big Man or Woman Power and a huge Technology for to exist something like that, if can exist.

    Suppose that exist Snow above of a Crop Area or exist big Rain or the Crop Area is Wet or have Flood or drop Hail or exist attack from Grasshoppers.

    How you will make direct Numbering Calculations with these Conditions ?

    So, for that reason exist a Logical Need for a Time Space on that Reports.

    I think that you must contact with these Companies at least to ask if have Products based to your Needs.

    Kind Regards,

    George Kanellopoulos.